When you take a Southern California boy and mix him with a small town Sonoma County girl you would never assume it could work... but when we met in College every difference we had seemed to mold us closer than we ever could have imagined! With no time to spare, Jon moved across the state for me, and it's been history ever since. So many say to wait and hold off on marriage, we married young and haven't looked back! We loved our wedding, from the planning all the way until the very end... and when we were done we kept dreaming about it, talking about it, and wanting more! (which looking back it makes sense that we ended up in the wedding industry, we clearly are a couple of suckers for love.) 

That is what we want for you! We want to help you create the wedding of your dreams so that you never look back and think "what-if". We do this through our storytelling approach to wedding photography, and capturing all of the behind the scenes, raw and romantic moments that happen through your wedding day.  We do this by being on your side during the planning process and on your wedding day. We are there for you, but we are also there with you, not only as your wedding photographer but as your friend!


Jon Evans
Co-Owner, Photographer & Videographer



Chelsea Evans
Co-Owner, Photographer & Videographer


So get to know us, feel free to ask us anything you have on your mind! We pride ourselves at being very responsive, and honest so that you never feel lost or confused in the maze of wedding planning. Photographs are the one piece of the day you are able to take with you and pass down to loved ones, which is why we want to do anything in our power to make sure we know all the details of your wedding day to ensure that we capture it perfectly.